Sunday, June 25, 2017

  • A Call towards Peace, Love & Harmony

  • Allah sends Blessings :

    Allah and His angels send Blessings on the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W: O You that Believe! Send You Blessings on Him, and Salute him with all Respect. (Al-Quran - 33:56 )
  • Quote of Prophet Muhammad PBUH :

    None of You will have Faith till he Loves me more than his Father, his Children and all Mankind.
  • Come, Come, Come

    Come, come, whoever you are..... Wanderer, Worshiper, Lover of Leaving .... It doesn't matter, Ours is not a Caravan of Despair .....Come, even if you have broken your vows, A thousand times .....Come, yet again, come, come – “ Rumi ” .
  • Purpose of Universe

    The creation of the whole universe & life created within, was for a single reason that “ The human beings shall recognize their God (Haq) and reach God (Haq)”
  • Love, Conqueror of World

    Yaqeen Mohkam, Amal Peham, Mohabbat Faateh-E-Alam..........Jahad-E-Zindagani Mein Hain Ye Mardon Ki Shamsheerain - "Iqbal"
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  • Perseverance +

      In Life, never let go of Perseverance & Patience. Spend a Life of reliance on God and the Heart would Read More
  • Realm of Soul +

      If one becomes aware of the realm of soul (Batin), the physical life would attain righteousness. And once the difference Read More
  • Purify the Soul +

      Until a divine power (or a saint) purifies / beautifies the inner self (Soul or Batin), one can neither achieve his Read More
  • Seeing of Haq +

    The quote of Prophet Muhammad PBUH “man raani faqad ra'al haq” (He, who has seen me, has seen Haq) have many Read More
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